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infinite sauna possibilities 

full transperet

infinite sauna possibilities 

“In the warm and dark embrace of the sauna, people become calm and sensitized, they open up and even talk about difficult matters to those near and dear.”  

Harri Hautajärvi, Villas Saunas in Finland


Kaarnasauna is a mobile wood burning sauna, handbuilt by Mikku and Flo. From Finland, and Germany (respectively) Mikku and Flo have grown up amidst the European sauna culture. 

Although this culture hasn’t yet spread widely to Australia, they knew that the Margaret River region would benefit greatly from having a traditional Finnish sauna to visit locally.

The stunning southwest of Australia is a vast and nature-rich place. Rough, gentle, moody, blessed with sun, stormy, and ever inspiring. The landscape and weather lend themselves perfectly to the sauna, which itself is built from natural materials, heats up by burning local wood from fallen trees, and provides warmth and heat (especially welcome in the long, rainy season). 

Margaret River’s diversity is found in its people too. KaarnaSauna at its core was created to cherish life, face challenges, and most of all to build a unified community.

These are values we would like to spread across the world, and we believe that this way of life has an anchor through the shared experience of the sauna. We take the experience we have in the sauna back to our daily lives. We take the resilience, the connection, the contemplation, the laughter, the perseverance, and we share that with our family, friends, and community. What happens inside the humble sauna has a tangible ripple effect on the whole world.



Three-hour workshops are led by Flo and take a deep dive into the transformational force behind cold/heat therapy, and breathwork. The workshops combine the Wim Hof breathing technique, with sauna, and cold plunge for an invigorating, healing, and inspiring afternoon. 

No prior experience in breathwork is needed. Flo will teach you everything you need to know, and you will be able to take your newfound skills home with you to continue a regular breathwork practice. If you are familiar with Wim Hof breathing, you already know the power of community and sharing the practice with others! The workshop is for all levels.

Workshops are held regularly at the sauna location, near Riflebutts Reserve in Prevelly. A workshop can also be held at your event or party. For more information on hosting your own breathwork, sauna, and cold plunge event through Kaarnasauna, or if you are interested in collaborating on a workshop, please contact us.

Hire KaarnaSauna

As a mobile sauna, it is also available for hire for any events or parties. Rental starts at 24-hours and includes delivery, setup, introduction, firewood, help/support, and pick-up. 

For more information on hire costs and service, please use the contact us form. 



Margaret River, Australia