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infinite sauna possibilities 

full transperet

infinite sauna possibilities 

“In the warm and dark embrace of the sauna, people become calm and sensitized, they open up and even talk about difficult matters to those near and dear.”  

Harri Hautajärvi, Villas Saunas in Finland


Kaarnasauna was created from Mikku and Flo.
We live in the stunning south west of Australia a vast and nature rich place. Rough, gentle, moody, blessed with sun, stormy and ever inspiring.

Margaret River’s diversity is found in it’s people too. KaarnaSauna in it’s core was created to cherish life, face challenges and most of all to build a progressive and in all ways growing community.

These are values we would like to share beyond the south west and bring to people who can inspire and make a difference to their families, friends, circle and themselves



Dive deep and understand the power and transformational force behind cold/heat therapy combined with breath work. We run half day courses and are always open to collaborations

Become a Regular

As a regular you”ll have access to the sauna on a day to day basis. We stay organized via messages and Whatsapp groups. Give us advanced notice and you’ll have a hot sauna upon your arrival.

Hire KaarnaSauna

Hire Kaarnasauna privately for your event/function or make it a surprise gift. This includes delivery, setup, introduction, firewood, help/support & pick up. starting with 24hrs



Margaret River, Australia